Hessian (or Burlap) is a plain woven fabric weighing 61/2 oz to 18 oz a yard (198.6 gsm to 434.0 gsm per meter) with a normal basic width of 40" (101.6 cm).

We can supply Hessian (or Burlap) cloth from 22 inch to 80 inch. It is most commonly used by the construction companies, tobacco industries, cotton ginners etc.


Difference quality size of Jute Hessian (or Burlap) Bag:

A wide range of Hessian (or Burlap) bags are manufactured to meet various packaging needs. We supply almost all size of Jute Hessian (or Burlap) bags as per our client requirements. We also print up to four color both side of bag as per design provided by our clients.

Jute Hessian (or Burlap) Bag used by the industries for:HESSIAN BAGS 2

  • Potato Packaging
  • Onion Packaging
  • Garlic Packaging
  • Vegetable Packaging
  • Cotton Packaging
  • Jute Sand Bag

We also supply full bright Jute Hessian (or Burlap) Bags: This bags is making from white special jute.

All the above mentioned qualities are also available in Food Grade quality. For detail Click Here